Capoeuropa started by an idea that three or four capoeiristas had back in the 80s of the last century. Specially Mestre Marco China did an outstanding job back in those days by publishing a Capoeira Fanzine that he called CapoEuropa. It was a simple copied fanzine out of 4 to 6 pages informing about what happend and what is going on in the european Capoeira Scene.
We had the wish to stay up to date with any information about Capoeira and he passed these informations. So what was a fanzine back in those days, nowadays is the internet. At the end the main intention of CapoEurope stood the same! It’s about dropping news and passing any information from one to the other so that the scene can stay up to date. Not only the Capoeira itself, but also any branch connected to Capoeira like dancing, books, cd’s, workshops etc.

Summer 1987
Paulo Siqueira organizes the first Summermeeting in Hamburg

Feburary 1992
Stephan “Passarinho” W. applies for a registration of the “Capoeuropa e.V.” to make it an official german association.

April 1992
As webmaster and the first back in those days Passarinho realized the first Capoeira website on the internet. Back in those days the intention was not to entertain but to gather any information about Capoeira and offer it through this way to the whole world.

July 1998
Capoeuropa realizes the first printed Capoeira magazin entitled “Roda de Capoeira” with 24 pages. Instead of putting translations within one magazine, the whole print was offered in two editions: On in english/portuguese and one in german/portuguese. Further infos about the magazine can still be found at

May 2005
Passarinho had to give up his position as directorate of the Capoeira e.V. – follower of his position has become Oliver “Mandingueiro”

August 2008
The first Afro Asiatic Martial Night was held at the Knust in Hamburg

August 2009
The second Afro Asiatic Martial Night was held at the Knust in Hamburg