Every year, Paulo Siqueira from the NZINGA Group invites capoeiristas and friends to join him on a trip to Brazil.
For sure to enjoy the nature, temperature, beaches and all the other things on the sunny side of Brazil, but also for a lot of Capoeira exercise and to meet other Capoeiristas from Brasil.

Apart of visiting beautiful beaches or meet mother nature in the deepest jungles you also get involved into crafting your first own Berimbau in the middle of the jungle together with the people from “Roots No Sana”.
These trips always were a great mix between Capoeira and Laisure with some good vibrations.

Click through the years from the submenu to the left to read some trip reviews and see a lot of beautiful images.

If you would like to join him and his fellows, then you should contact him as soon as you are sure that you got the time and the money.