CBD Oil For Depression – Where To Shop

According to statistics, around 16 million USA adults suffer from depression. And if the figures from the mental health institute, close to 7 percent of USA adults have suffered from about one major episode of depression per year. If you’re among those who are suffering from depression, you may want to consider CBD oil as an alternative treatment for your condition.

What is Depression?

Before talking about CBD oil, it’s important that you first understand what depression means. Depression isn’t just a feeling of sadness. Everyone goes through distressful periods for various reasons. Perhaps work or daily home life is quite stressful, you’ve financial challenges, or you could develop the seasonal affective disorder.
Depression refers to a prolonged period of a bad mood or lack of interest in things that one previously enjoyed. Other symptoms may include difficulty concentrating, sleep problems, negative self-image, appetite loss, and suicidal thoughts. Common treatment options for depression include brain stimulation therapy, psychotherapy, group therapy, and medication. However, more patients who’ve depression are now turning to cannabis oil to relieve their depression symptoms.