Capoeuropa’s Mission

Capoeuropa is an expression of the Afro-Brazilian tradition. It is a combination of different cultural elements: dance, music, struggle, theater, play and spirituality. Capoeira not only means physical activity but also the process of self-realization. In practicing the Capoeira Angola we develop individually and collectively – through the interaction with the opponent, the Bateria and the Roda. Discussions and discussions are just as important for training as training and play.

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Capoeira studied with Mestre Adilson (Camisa preta), a student of Mestre Roke (Filhos de Angola). After years of training Paulo Siqueira was appointed Mestre. In the early 1980s he came to Germany to teach Capoeira, to communicate his culture and to uphold the tradition. He founded the group “Escola de Capoeira Nzinga” in Hamburg, Hanover and Kiel. Meanwhile, the Nzinga group has a branch office in Kazakhstan and one in Tasmania.

In 1987, Paulo Siqueira initiated the first Capoeira meeting (Capoeira summer meeting) in Germany. The 7-day encounter is one of the longest Capoeira meetings in Europe. This tradition continued until 2004 and became a legend and basis of all meetings in Europe in Capoeira circles. Paulo Siqueira currently lives in his adopted home of Hamburg and is working on his first book about the history of Capoeira in Europe.